How to Get your Music Popular on Soundcloud

How to Get your Music Popular on Soundcloud

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Starting out in the music industry can be quite a daunting journey for people. Platforms such as SoundCloud can make this journey easier for you. Once you know how to post your tracks in a way that more and more listeners are drawn to it, you can ace it here.

To gain engagement on SoundCloud, you will need to know some basics of how to market it. Make it look enticing for those who view the description and cover picture so that they are intrigued by it and want to explore your music.

How much money you make on your music on SoundCloud is also dependent on the number of plays your track gets. There are quite a few ways in which you can ensure that people play your tracks.

In this article, we will discuss 5 such tips which can help you get your music heard.

Buy SoundCloud Plays

Although this method does not directly help you earn money or grow your popularity on SoundCloud, it does create an image in people’s minds that you are liked by a lot of people. Use this to your advantage. Make it seem like you are moderately well known and liked by certain listeners.

Use websites such as Viralyft,, and to buy plays, but always buy them in moderation. These plays are more of a boost than anything else. It can help you when you are starting out on SoundCloud but do not depend on them for too long or too much.

Tag, Tag, Tag!

Using tags in your song description is the best way to get your track listed with the right genre. When a listener searches for songs in that genre, your track would be shown in the results. This makes your music easily discoverable by your prospective fans.

Add tags liberally. Tag the moods your song represents, the genres related to the main genre to which your track belongs. But avoid adding random tags as that can reduce your discoverability. 

If you have collaborated with anyone while creating your tag, don’t forget to tag them!

Link to Other Streaming Platforms

Releasing your music on multiple platforms has multiple benefits as it is now available to a much wider audience than when it is released on a single platform. Additionally, you can also “sell” your music on some platforms such as iTunes and Bandcamp. 

Add these links to SoundCloud while uploading your track using the Metadata tab. If you haven’t used other platforms to share your music, you can also link your Patreon page and ask your listeners to donate.

Whichever option you may choose, it guarantees that you will be getting extra listeners. This means more streams, more popularity, and more money.

Edit Your Tracks Without Losing Likes, Plays, or Comments

 Did you revisit an old track and realise you could edit it and really make it much better? Or did you just post a track and get some super helpful feedback on how to improve on it? But deleting this post would mean that you would lose all the plays, likes, and comments that you had gained over the days.

Similarly, if you post an edited track, it might not get the same amount of engagement because people might think that you have posted the same track again. So how can you upload an edited track with losing the engagement you have already got?

This has a very simple solution if you have a SoundCloud Pro subscription. With this account, you can edit and re-upload your tracks as many times as you like, and you won’t lose any likes, plays or comments from it. 

With this feature, you can improve a single track whenever you want and make use of the feedback that you get from your audience too. This helps your audience grow as it is highly appreciated when one takes the advice of their audience seriously. People will form a good opinion of you as an artist and will share your music with others.

Make the Most of Album Art

The first thing that your audience will see of your track is the picture of the album. It is crucial that you use a good quality image for this. Try hiring a photographer or a photo editor to make it look unique and attractive.

Imbibe the vibe of your track in the picture. That picture is your track’s USP. It is what will encourage listeners to listen to your music. You can also use websites such as Canva to edit your picture in case you are unable to hire a professional.

These 5 tips are guaranteed to be able to help you make your mark on SoundCloud. The platform is extremely easy to use for artists and can help you gain immense popularity within the community, and even on other social media platforms. 

Start creating your music today and share it with the whole world. SoundCloud will also help you to make money with your talents, so make the most of it starting today.

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